What is the kanban view?

Kanban is a card-based view of your Projects, Opportunities, or Leads. With a selected pipeline at the top, the kanban view displays up to 200 records in movable cards below each stage of the pipeline.

Note: Kanban view only shows current leads and not leads that have been converted to opportunities and closed.

To view projects or opportunities in the Kanban view you'll need:

  • A pipeline
  • Projects or Opportunities assigned to the pipeline
  • A custom List View

To view your Projects, Opportunities, or Leads in a kanban view

For Leads, skip to step 3.

  1. Click the gear icon to add a new List View.
  2. Click the gear icon again and select your columns. The first two columns in your list will appear on the kanban cards below the record's name and — in the case of an Opportunity — its value.
  3. Click the grid icon and select Kanban View.
  4. When switching from the grid view to the kanban view for the first time, the user will need to select a default pipeline. 
    To change the pipeline in the future, click the gear icon and select Choose Pipeline.
  5. You can move a Project or Opportunity to the next stage by clicking and dragging it over. When you drop it under a stage with activity sets, the tasks and events in the set will be created.


  6. A warning icon in the corner of a card means there are no tasks due in the near future, indicating that a customer or deal might need attention.
  7. Click the record name or three-dot menu to view or take action on the record.
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