How to Use the Activity Tab


The Activity tab, located in several CRM and Marketing records, contains grid lists of each activity that is linked to a record.

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The Activity tab displays each activity associated with the record in a list, with a row for each individual activity. Use arrows to navigate through each page of records. 


Clicking and dragging the grid’s column headers allows users to adjust the width of the columns. To sort the columns, click on the column headers.


Users can apply List Filters to sort through the records on the full-screen page. When the user hovers over the title of an Activity tab grid list, such as the Past Activity grid, the text will change from black to blue with an underline to designate that it is a hyperlink. Clicking on the hyperlinked title will redirect the user to a full screen page that displays 50 rows of records per page. Click Add a Filter Row to begin adding filters. All filterable standard and custom fields that have been added to the grid will appear as filter options. By default, there are no filters applied.

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