Linking to files in Box

Files stored at Box can be linked directly to your Insightly records from the Files section on the Related subtab. This section is available in contacts, organizations, opportunities, and projects.


Your Box files are not copied or moved to Insightly, so access is determined by your Box permissions settings. If you have granted an Insightly user permission to view a file in Box, they'll be able to open the file from Insightly.

Logging in to Box from Insightly

The first time you click the Box icon, you will be prompted to log in and connect your accounts.

Box login

Linking to Box files

To link to a file stored in Box:

  1. Open a record, select the Related subtab, and scroll down to the Files section.
  2. Click the Box icon to open the Box File Picker.


  3. Click the sort icon to sort files or click a folder to open it.

    Box sort

  4. Click the checkbox next to the files or folders you would like to link to Insightly, then click the Select button to add the links.

    Box choose files

  5. The files will now appear as links in the record's Files section.


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