Linking a Xero invoice or bill to an opportunity or project

You can link existing invoices or bills to Insightly opportunities and projects. Insightly will summarize all invoice, bill, and net totals for each opportunity or project based on the linked items and their status in Xero.

Insightly will display the totals of authorized and submitted invoices and submitted bills in your Xero base currency. Xero items in other currencies will not be included in the summary, but will be listed under Invoices and Bills.

  1. Open an opportunity or project and click the Xero subtab. 
  2. Click the Invoices or Bills button and select Find Invoices to Link or Find Bills to Link. Search fields will appear where you can enter a full or partial invoice number or bill reference number and/or a date range. Click the Find Invoices or Find Bills button to search for matches from Xero. 
  3. Insightly will display a list of items from Xero that match your filter. If you would like to return to the prior screen, click the button again and select Show Linked Invoices or Show Linked Bills. 
  4. You can click the View button next to any item to open it in Xero and view its details. When you find an item you’re looking for, click the Link button to create a link between the Xero item and the current Insightly record. 
  5. The linked item will now appear with View and Un-Link buttons on the right. View will open an item in Xero. Un-Link will remove the link between the Insightly record and the Xero invoice or bill. 
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