Google Integrations Available in Insightly

There are several ways you can sync Google Apps / Google Workspace features to Insightly. Most of these integrations are available for users regardless of whether they've created a standard account or G Suite for Insightly account, while others are only available on paid Insightly plans regardless of account type.

Google Drive

Google Drive users can link to files in Google Drive directly from Insightly. The Google Drive icon appears in the Files subtab in contacts, organizations, opportunities, and projects.


Insightly Add-on for Gmail

The Insightly Add-on for Gmail is available for all Gmail users. With the add-on, you can save email messages to Insightly right from Gmail, regardless of which browser you use. You can also respond to emails using your Insightly email templates and save emails as records. 

Import Contacts from Google

Users can import contacts directly from Gmail. After selecting that option in Insightly via the Contacts tab, you'll see a list of all your Google contacts, even if they are not in your My Contacts group, and can choose which ones to select for importing. Insightly won't import contacts with email addresses that match those of contacts already in Insightly. 

Connect Email for Outgoing Messages

To send email via Insightly, you can connect your email account via User Settings. This process works with those using Gmail or Google Workspace.

Google Workspace Single Sign-On

You can log in to Insightly directly from the Google Workspace app grid if you have the Google Workspace for Insightly account type, ensuring ease-of-use when navigating from Google to Insightly.

Google Calendar Feed 

If you're on a free Insightly plan, you can display your Insightly calendar in your Google Calendar via a link. The link can be found at the bottom of your Insightly calendar page, and you can add it in Google Calendar under Other calendars > Add by URL. A calendar sync option is also available on paid plans.

Google Calendar Sync

Once you've established this two-way sync, Insightly will display your Google calendar items on your Insightly calendar and copy Insightly items from the last two months and into the future to your Google calendar. You can also choose to sync Insightly milestones and tasks. When you enable either of these options, Insightly will add two new calendars to your external calendar called Insightly-Tasks and Insightly-Milestones. This feature is only available on paid Insightly plans.

Google Contact Sync

This is a one-way sync from Insightly to Google in which you can sync all of your Insightly contacts to your Google Contacts list. Your contacts will appear in a group called "Insightly-Contacts" in Google Contacts. They can optionally be added to your "My Contacts" group, too. Anytime you make changes to these contacts in Insightly, those updates will be reflected in Google. This feature is only available on paid Insightly plans.

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