Changing Google Calendar notifications for Insightly items

If you are receiving too many email reminders about items on your Insightly calendar, and you have Insightly items displayed in Google, it is likely you are getting notifications from both Insightly and Google Calendar. Insightly email notifications have an orange Insightly background, while Google Calendar notifications do not. We also have an article about the notifications sent directly from Insightly. The article also includes a link to a video on the topic. To change your notification settings for the Insightly calendars that are displayed in Google, review the settings for each of the calendars as shown below.

  1. Open Google Calendar.

    Open Gcal

  2. Click the settings gear in the upper right and choose the Settings option from the dropdown list.

    Gcal setting icon

  3. Click the Calendars link. A list of your calendars will be displayed.
  4. For each Insightly calendar you'll see a link for Reminders and notifications. Click the link for one of the calendars.

    Gcal calendars

  5. To change your notifications for that calendar, check or uncheck the boxes where appropriate, then click the Save button.

    Gcal notification settings

  6. Repeat the previous two steps for each of your Insightly calendars.
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