How to add a contact or lead from the Insightly CRM Sidebar for Gmail

The Insightly CRM Sidebar for Gmail will automatically display the recipients and senders from the email you're viewing. When a person doesn't have a matching Insightly record, their icon will appear in gray and you can choose to add them as a contact or lead.

To add a contact or lead from the Sidebar:

  1. Open an email message.
  2. Click the Insightly icon (on the right side of the Gmail screen).
  3. In the Insightly Sidebar, click the name of a person. People without matching Insightly records will have a black icon next to their names.
  4. When you see the Create New Entity form, enter the person's basic details to create a contact or lead.
  5. When you've completed filling out their information, click Create Contact or Create Lead to add them to Insightly.
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