How to send an email from the Sidebar in Outlook

The Insightly Sidebar includes tools that extend what you can do when sending messages from Outlook. You can:

  • Send your messages through Insightly to automatically save and link them
  • Address emails to Insightly contacts and leads and automatically link to their records
  • Track open and click rates in Insightly
  • Use Insightly templates that don't contain attachments when writing an email
  • Link emails to opportunities and projects
  • Schedule emails to send later (available on our Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plan)
Your Insightly plan limits still apply when you're sending an email via Insightly from the Sidebar.

To send emails via Insightly:

  1. Start composing a new email.
  2. Click on the Insightly icon in the bottom right of the composed message.
  3. The first time you use the compose message tools, you'll need to give Insightly permission to access more of Outlook. Click Authorize with Outlook and log in.
    Enter your Outlook login information, not your Insightly login.
  4. Click Add Recipients to search for and select an Insightly contact or lead.
    A couple of things you should know:

    • You can also address the email right on the To: line like you usually do. If the contact doesn't exist in your CRM, and you send the email via Insightly, we'll create a contact for you.
    • Unlike sending emails in Insightly, you can't compose one email and send individual copies to multiple recipients. If you add multiple people on the To: line, they will all receive the same message and see other recipients' email addresses.
  5. To choose one of your Insightly email templates, click Insert Template and replace any highlighted fields, like names or numbers, with the proper information.
    Only your Insightly templates without attachments are available in Outlook.
  6. Click Link to link the email to other records when it's saved to Insightly. (For example, if the email is related to a project or an opportunity.) In the link window, you can:
    • (A) Choose to add new people to Insightly as contacts, leads, or not at all
    • (B) Link the email to other records
    • (C) View the auto-linked records, with the option of removing the link
  7. Click Send Later if you'd like to send the email at a future date and time. You can choose any date within the next seven days.

  8. Click Send via Insightly to send the email right away. As usual, you'll be able to find the email in your Outlook Sent folder, and a copy of the email will be saved to Insightly.
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