How to save emails with the Sidebar in Outlook

When you save an email message to Insightly, it's automatically linked to contacts and organizations with matching email addresses and domains. 

After installing the Sidebar for Outlook, you can take the following actions for any message in your inbox:

  • Save a copy of the email messages to Insightly.
  • Link emails to the other records.
  • Choose whether to create a contact or lead record—or neither—if an email address doesn't match a record in Insightly.
  • Choose whether to save the attachments to the email message.

You can also save and link when you're sending messages.

How to get started

Open an email message you'd like to save into Insightly and click the orange Insightly button. A drop-down menu will display your email options.Save_Email_Outlook_1.png


Save to Insighty

This will save a copy of the email message to your Emails tab in Insightly.

When you click this option, a message will appear that your email is in the process of being saved. Once it's saved, you'll see a message that says "Success! A copy of this email has been saved to Insightly. | Dismiss."


Save and Add Link

When you choose this option, you'll see a pop-up window titled Save and Link to Insightly. At the top, you can manually type in the name of any contact, lead, opportunity or project record to link the email to it.


Insightly will list matching records that will be automatically linked to the email. For any of those records you don't want to be linked, click the trash can icon next to them. 


You can also check the box Save Attachments to Insightly at the bottom of the page. This box will automatically be checked if you've chosen to save email attachments under your User Settings in Insightly. 

If no record currently exists, you can choose to create a contact or lead record. The box to create the record or lead will appear when you click either Save to Insightly or Save and Add Link. Creating a contact record will create a corresponding organization record with that domain.


Click Save to finish.

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