Importing contacts or leads from MailChimp

You can import MailChimp subscribers as leads or contacts from your campaign lists or list segments. You can also schedule regular imports from one MailChimp list or segment when subscribed to an Insightly Plus, Professional, or Enterprise subscription plan. Lead Assignment Rules will also be applied to MailChimp lead imports.

To import subscribers from MailChimp:

  1. Go to the Contacts or Leads page.
  2. Click the Import... link in the right sidebar. You may have to click the Show Sidebar button.
  3. Click Import your contacts from MailChimp.

  4. Select a MailChimp list to import subscribers from. MailChimp will display up to 200 lists in Insightly.

  5. Select a MailChimp segment, if you have one and want to limit your import to a subset of your list.

  6. Map MailChimp fields to Insightly fields by selecting matches from the dropdown lists. Field types must match for a field to display (for example, you can only map number fields to numeric fields).
  7. Click Import From MailChimp.

  8. A message will display to confirm your import file is queued for import.
  9. When the import is complete, you'll receive an email from Insightly. All new leads or contacts will be tagged with "MC_" followed by the name of the imported MailChimp list. When viewing any of the imported records, you'll see the tag at the the top, as well as the subscriber's lists and campaign metrics in the MailChimp subtab.

Insightly will not import or update any contacts or leads that it detects as duplicates. See Duplicate checks when importing.

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