How to create records from the Sidebar in Outlook

When an incoming email is saved, or an outgoing email is sent via Insightly, you'll have the option to save new contacts or leads automatically. There are also Sidebar tools to add other records: tasks, opportunities, projects, events, or more leads.

There are two ways to create new records. Both will open a new Insightly window where you can enter and verify information before saving the record.

Create a record from an inbox message

To insert information from the message into your new record:

  1. Open a message in your inbox or Sent folder
  2. Click the Insightly icon
  3. Choose Save as
  4. Choose the record type
  5. Complete the information in the Insightly window
  6. Click Save


Start an empty record from the Sidebar

To start a completely blank record in Insightly:

  1. Click the Insightly icon
  2. Choose Open Sidebar
  3. Click New
  4. Complete the information in the Insightly window
  5. Click Save

Again, clicking New in the Sidebar won't insert information from your email.


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