How to view and find records in the Insightly Add-on for Gmail

Viewing contacts and leads related to an email is automatic in the Insightly Add-on. When you open an email, information for senders and recipients matching your Insightly records will be displayed.

An orange icon or an image indicates the email address has a match in Insightly. A black icon indicates there is no match.


Click a person's name to view the basic details from their Insightly record. When you click their email address in the add-on, a Gmail compose window will open with your Insightly mailbox address on the BCC line. This saves a copy of the message to Insightly when you send it.


To open a new tab and view the full record in Insightly, click the three dot menu and select Open in Web.


You can also search for and view any Insightly record through the add-on. Click Search and enter your search term.


To focus searches on a particular object, enter "type:[Record Type] [Search term]". For example, "type:projects yard" will list only projects containing "yard".


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