Linking to files in Google Drive

If you are a Google Drive user, you can link to files in Google Drive directly from Insightly. The Google Drive icon appears in the Files subtab in contacts, organizations, opportunities and projects. To link to files in your own Google Drive or shared Google Drive folders, click the icon to display the search window.

You'll then need to enter or confirm your Google credentials and click the Allow button to grant Insightly permission to access your Google Drive.

Only click the Allow button after confirming that your browser is connecting to the correct Google account. Your account information will be in the upper right corner. (You can view and remove connected apps from your Google account's security settings.)


Searching and selecting files

To find files, type the file name in the search box and click the magnifying glass icon. Once you see the file you would like to link, check the box to the left of the file name, then click the Select button. Google Drive linking window Click the Grid View icon in the upper right to view a small preview image of the listed files. Click the icon again to revert to the list view. Click the checkbox in the upper left of the image, then click the Select button to link the file to the Insightly record. Google Drive grid view

Viewing the contents of folders

To drill down to a Google Drive folder's contents or filter for specific file types, click the list arrow at the end of the search field. Google Drive search dropdown list Click the folder name to display the contents of that folder. Google Drive folder list To return to the default list, click the top-level folder link or the X to the right of the search terms. Google Drive folder back

Uploading to Google Drive from Insightly

To upload a new file to Google Drive and link it to the Insightly record in one step, click Upload on the left. If your browser supports the feature, you can drag files from your computer and drop them in window. You can also click Select files from your computer to open your default file search window and select files from your computer. Google Drive upload

Viewing or removing linked Google Drive files

Files linked from Google Drive are identified with a GoogleDoc ribbon to the right of the filename. Files uploaded directly to Insightly display a File ribbon. To view a file in Google Drive, just click the filename link. To remove the link to the file, click the trash can icon below the filename. Google Drive file

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