Using email programs other than Gmail or Outlook 2013/Office 365

Most of our customers use Insightly with Gmail or Outlook 2013/Office 365, and many use a variety of other email applications. All customers benefit from the ability to save copies of important email messages by sending them directly to an Insightly mailbox address.

Saved emails will be displayed on the Insightly Emails page as well as the Emails subtab of linked records. Once the email is saved to Insightly, you can also manually link the message to other Insightly items. See Linking records for more information.

Other email applications

If you use another email program, like Apple's Mac OS Mail, other versions of Outlook, or a free Gmail account, you can save emails to Insightly by sending them to an Insightly mailbox address. You can forward incoming messages and CC outgoing messages to your Insightly mailbox. We have all the details in Using your Insightly mailbox address to save emails.

When using an email client other than Gmail, be sure to update your user settings to prevent Insightly from looking for a Gmail account. To change this setting:

    1. Click the profile icon to access the User Settings page.Email_programs_other_1.png
    2. Uncheck the box for Open Gmail for Google Apps to Send Emails.Email_programs_other_2.png


Now, when you click on an email link within Insightly, your browser will open your default email program to compose a new email.

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