Using Gmail with Insightly

All Gmail users can save emails and view Insightly records directly from their inbox by using the Insightly Sidebar, a Chrome browser extension.

What happens when you save an email message to Insightly?

  • A single copy of the message will be saved to the Emails tab in Insightly.
  • The saved copy will be linked to contacts with matching email addresses.
  • It will be linked to organizations with matching email domains.
  • If no matching contact is found, and a matching lead is found, it will be linked to the lead.
  • If no records with matching email addresses are found, a new contact record and a new organization record will be created and linked to the email.
  • The link will appear in the Emails subtab of all linked records.

You can also link the message to other items, like projects or opportunities, when using the Sidebar.

The Insightly Sidebar

The Insightly Sidebar has a few more features than the gadget when it comes to saving email messages. You can view Insightly records, save messages from your inbox or sent folder, save a message and link it to other records, and save a message as you send it. See more details in our Sidebar Overview.

The Google Apps Gmail Gadget

Customers whose Insightly accounts were created through G Suite may also see the Insightly Gmail Gadget below their incoming messages. Because features of the Gmail Gadget are now available through the Insightly Sidebar to any Gmail user, the Sidebar will eventually replace the Gadget. The Sidebar also allows you to save outgoing messages directly, which the Gadget does not do.

We recommend that all Gmail users install the Sidebar for Chrome browsers.

Saving Inbound Email

Whenever you want to save an incoming email message to Insightly with the gadget, click Save Email. You can learn about the other features of the gadget in The Insightly Gmail gadget article.


Saving Outbound Email

To save your outbound email to Insightly, you can CC your special Insightly mailbox address when composing a message. We cover the Insightly mailbox in detail in Using your Insightly mailbox address to save emails.

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