Error: Insightly does not have sufficient permissions to access Google Apps

Google has renamed G Suite to Google Workplace.

If you are seeing permissions errors like "Warning: Insightly does not have sufficient permissions to access your Google Apps domain," you will need to enable Insightly permissions in your G Suite admin console.

If you see the error on the System Settings > Users page in Insightly, this may also indicate that you are not an administrator in both systems.

You must be an admin in both Insightly and G Suite to add G Suite users to Insightly, and you must be a G Suite admin to access the following pages.

To verify if your permissions are set up properly:

  1. Once logged into G Suite, go to your main Gmail page. Click the Settings gear and select Manage this domain.
  2. Click the Apps icon.
    GApps Domain console to Apps 2015Jan
  3. Select Marketplace Apps.
    GApps Marketplace apps 2015Jan
  4. Make sure that Insightly is On for everyone.
    gApps perms 3
    If Insightly isn't on, click the menu icon and select Turn ON services.
  5. Click Insightly CRM to view the data permissions.
    gApps perms 5
  6. Data access should display a green Granted status.
    If the status is Approval Needed, click Data access, then click the Grant data access link.
  7. To enable API access, return to the domain console and select Security.
    GApps admin console Security
  8. Click API reference and tick Enable API access.
    GApps Security to API

If your permissions match these screenshots, and you still see the permissions error, you'll have to contact Google Apps Support for additional help.

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