Using Insightly with Microsoft Outlook

Outlook email

Outlook 2013 and later

For customers using Outlook 2013 and later, we have the Insightly app for Outlook. Please view the app requirements and our Insightly University video for information on how to install and use the app.

This app is an add-in for Outlook 2013 and allows you to do the following from messages in your inbox folder:

  • Save a copy of an incoming email message to Insightly
  • Create a new contact record by saving the contact or email
  • Link to related organizations when saving an e-mail
  • View details, linked organizations, and recent history for existing Insightly contacts
  • Create tasks, opportunities, projects, events

You can install the app from the Microsoft Office Store.

Other versions of Outlook

For those of you with other versions of Outlook, you can still forward or CC messages from Outlook to save them in Insightly.

Outlook calendar

Customers on paid Insightly plans who use Microsoft Exchange with Outlook can sync Insightly with their Outlook calendars.

If you have a free Insightly account, you can view your Insightly calendar in Outlook by adding the Insightly calendar feed.

Outlook contacts

You can export contacts from Outlook and import them into Insightly. Insightly does not offer a contact sync for Outlook.

If you are interested in contact sync, you can also look into a fee-based service like PieSync. They are not affiliated with Insightly, but offer an option to sync to and from Insightly.
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