Managing your subscription

To manage your Insightly subscription, open the profile menu and select Billing & Account. This option will only appear to administrators.


Account statistics

The next screen that appears will display your account statistics. Here you can get an overview of your limits.


Each Insightly plan has data limits such as file storage or the total number of records and custom fields. 

Free2,500 records200MB storage
Plus100,000 records10GB storage
Professional250,000 records100GB storage
EnterpriseUnlimited recordsUnlimited storage
Insightly Plans  

Record limits

Every record created counts toward your record count. 

Items that will count toward your record limit include:

ProjectsCustom Objects
ProductsPrice Books
Records in your
Insightly Recycle Bin
Record limit items 

Storage limits

All the data you add to Insightly—for example, email attachments and uploaded files—will count towards your storage limit.

Items that will count toward your data storage include:

Files in your Insightly Recycle Bin
Uploaded files
Email attachments
Data storage items

There are 4 additional sections in Billing & Account that will help you manage your subscription.

Billing Details

To review your current billing cycle and subscription information, visit the Billing Details page.

Here you can view:

  • Which plan you are on
  • The status of your account (active or inactive)
  • The subscription type (monthly or annual)

You can also view the Plan Price (per user), the number of users, and the amount you are charged in whole. 


If you have a paid subscription and won't be adding a new user to replace the deleted user, reduce the number of users on your account to reduce your monthly subscription cost.

Invoices and payments

Here, you can:

  • Review where invoices are emailed to
  • Add specific contact or tax information to your invoices
  • View your history of invoices and payments made

Account Owner

When someone on your Insightly account first subscribes to a paid plan, they will automatically become the account owner. This person will receive billing renewal notices and invoices by email.

To change which user owns the account, select a user from the dropdown and click Change Account Owner.

Cancel Account

If you need to cancel your Insightly account, you can start the process here. Please note that if you delete your account, the data cannot be recovered or restored.

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