Insightly subscription plan and payment FAQs

Insightly offers three types of account plans:

  • A free plan for very small businesses with limits on the number of users, records, and features
  • Subscription-based plans with more features at a per-user cost that can be paid monthly, or annually for a discounted rate
  • A limited-time trial to try out the features of our paid plans with no commitment

See our pricing page for the most current list of available plans, features, and prices.

Can I sign up for the trial and then downgrade to the Free plan if I don't need the added features and space?

Yes. If you are over any of the limits of the plan you are downgrading to, you will first need to delete extra users or records. There isn't an option in the app to downgrade to Free, so just contact our support team to do that for you.

Can I subscribe to a higher-level plan for some users and a lower-level plan for others?

No. When you choose a subscription plan, your plan selection applies to your entire account and all users on the account.

Can I pay via PayPal or other means?

We don't offer a PayPal payment option. Upgrading through the app requires a credit card. To find out more about available plans and billing options email our sales team.

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