Upgrading or downgrading your account

Every Insightly subscription level includes select features and limits. Trial accounts are set at the Professional plan level.

If you're downgrading your plan, note the limits on the Billing Details page and check our pricing page to make sure you're not over the limit for the lower plan. If you are over, you'll need to delete users, records and files, custom fields, email templates, dashboard cards, and delete items from your Recycle Bin to reach the lower limit. If you are downgrading to a free account, contact our support team after removing your extra items.

Changing Your Account Plan

  1. Log on as an Insightly administrator.
  2. Click the profile icon and select Billing & Account > Billing Details.
  3. Click the Adjust Plan button.
  4. To change your current plan. Click the link at the top of the page.
  5. Select the Upgrade or Downgrade button below a plan name of your choice. If the plan you want to select is marked "Ineligible," check your account status to adjust your record counts and limits. 
  6. To choose an annual or monthly subscription term, select from the Subscription Type list. A discount will be calculated for annual subscriptions.
  7. Select the number of user licenses you would like to subscribe to. To reduce the number of licenses on your subscription, you may need to first delete the active users who will no longer be using Insightly (for example, you cannot select 2 licenses if you have 3 active users on your account).
  8. Confirm the subscription total is correct, note that Insightly does not issue refunds, and then click the Update Subscription button.
  9. A confirmation message will be displayed on the Home page. You’re all set!
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