Unlinking your account from G Suite

Google has renamed G Suite to Google Workplace.

If you're moving away from G Suite (Google Apps for Work), you don't have to leave your Insightly account behind. How you'll proceed will depend on what you're doing with your domain.

Because the security connection between Insightly and G Suite is tied to the domain, it's not possible to disconnect your current Insightly account from the Google Apps domain.

When changing your domain

If you will no longer be using the domain you've used on G Suite, you can add the email addresses from your new domain as external users on your existing account and keep all your data and account intact.

You'll have to do this before cancelling your G Suite account, since you'll need to use it for accessing Insightly.

You will then be able to make some users admins, transfer the account ownership, and delete the previously existing users.

When keeping your domain and moving it to another provider

If you are keeping the existing domain by transferring it to another service, you will need to:

  1. Create a new Insightly account with a temporary email address (like a free Gmail account).
  2. Configure the new account with Pipelines, custom fields, and any other customizations you've made to the current account.
  3. Invite your current users as external users to the new account.
  4. Transfer your main records manually. Some items cannot be transferred (see the transfer articles for more information).
  5. Cancel and delete the old account.

If you have a paid Insightly subscription, we can transfer your paid credit to the new account.

You'll just need to upgrade for one month to enter your credit card information into the new account (we cannot access the card number for security reasons) and contact our support team with the transfer request.

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