What is Insightly CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. In general, it's a tool you use to manage your business relationships.

It's not just about keeping track of a contact's information - it's about who they work for, what you need to do for them, and how to keep them happy.

Insightly CRM keeps all of your current and prospective customer data in one place to optimize your productivity. 

Sales teams can establish strong relationships; managers can monitor their employee's work; marketing teams can keep track of their projects. 


How can you use Insightly CRM?

Contact Management

Use linking to see the relationship between your contacts and other records, such as where they work or what projects need to be completed for them.

Sales Management

Keep track of each stage of your sales with customizable pipelines, Kanban views, and workflow automation to expedite your deals. See Sales Management.

Project Management

Manage your pre- and post-sales work with features like milestones, pipelines, and Kanban views. Assign deadlines and monitor progress with ease. See Project Management.

Task Management

Create reminders, To-Do lists, call logs - tasks can take any form you need. You can also use activity sets to automatically generate tasks. See Task Management

Reporting & Dashboards

With reports and dashboards, you can gain a visual insight into your business as a whole and monitor metrics.

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