Using Xero with Insightly

Insightly's integration with Xero allows users to:

  • View records from the accounting program
  • Copy and link data between the two systems
  • Create invoice drafts from Insightly
This integration does not provide a sync between the two systems.

Insightly administrators with a Xero login can set up the integration by following the directions at Connecting Insightly to Xero. Once the integration is installed, the Xero subtab will appear in Insightly.


Xero information can be linked to Organizations, Contacts, Opportunities, and Projects.

Note for Australian users

In order to use Xero integration with Insightly, Xero requires all their users in Australia to enable two-factor authentication with their SSO provider (Google or Microsoft Office 365). 

Please make sure you have enabled the two-factor authentication, so you can continue to use the integration.

Insightly users are required to have an SSO based Insightly login. Email based logins will not be accepted.

If you haven’t done so already, please enable two-step authentication both in your Xero AND SSO provider accounts. 

Here are links with step-by-step instructions:

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Insightly support team. 

Organizations and Contacts

  1. Select a Contact or Organization in Insightly and click the Xero subtab.
  2. The system will automatically search through your Xero contacts for a matching Xero contact name for Insightly organizations, and a full (not first or last) Contact name or email address for Insightly Contacts.
  3. If Insightly doesn't find a match in Xero, type a name in the search box and click Search. If there is no matching Xero contact, you can create one in Xero without leaving the Insightly page by clicking New Xero Contact.

    Creating a contact will copy Insightly data and create a link to the Xero contact. If you later want to remove the record, delete the contact from Xero and then delete it from Insightly.

    All records are created in Xero as Contacts. Xero does not include an Organization record like Insightly's.

  4. If a match is found, click the Add Link button to link the record and show the available information in Insightly.
  5. Insightly will display an overview from Xero, including Contact information and a financial summary. You can click Actions menu to perform the following actions:
    • Create an invoice draft in Xero. (You can also create invoice drafts in Insightly Opportunity and Project records. More on that, below.)
    • Unlink the current record from the Xero contact.
    • Copy details like Contact names and phone numbers from the current record to the Xero contact or from the Xero contact to the Insightly record. (Contact information can be added but will never replace existing information. For example, if both phone numbers fields are filled in Xero, Insightly wouldn't be able to add more or overwrite the existing numbers and will display an error.)
    • View the contact in Xero, which will open a new tab.
  6. The overview displays invoice and bill totals, as well as the lifetime value and 12-month value of the Xero contact. Insightly will display the totals of authorized and submitted invoices and submitted bills in your Xero base currency. Xero items in other currencies will not be included in the summary.
  7. Below the overview, Insightly will list invoices and bills. Select an option from the Show list to filter the displayed items.
  8. If you want to see the details of a transaction or modify it, click the View button to log in to Xero and access the invoice or bill.

Opportunities and Projects

The Xero subtab on Opportunities and Projects will display:
  • Invoices and bills that have been linked to the current record
  • Totals of authorized and submitted invoices, submitted bills, and the net difference in your Xero base currency

Items in other currencies will not be included in the summary calculation, although they will appear in the list of invoices and bills.


From an Opportunity or a Project, you can:

  • Create an invoice draft for a Xero contact. If the contact does not exist in Xero, you can create it here without leaving the page.
  • Find and link to Xero invoices and bills. When you click the Invoices or Bills buttons, you can select the Find… option to search for Xero invoice numbers or bill reference IDs and date ranges.
  • Open Xero or unlink the current record from the Xero invoice or bill.
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