Canceling and deleting your account

We understand that Insightly isn't the perfect solution for everyone. We'd hate to see you go, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Here are the instructions to delete your Insightly account.

All of your content will be permanently deleted from Insightly within 1 hour of cancellation.

Your data cannot be recovered once your account is cancelled.

On accounts with paid subscriptions, only admins may cancel the account. If you are using Insightly for G Suite, your G Suite admin must also remove Insightly from your domain by following the additional steps provided.

No Refunds

Insightly does not provide refunds for unused time. Please read the FAQ regarding our refund policy.

Canceling your Insightly account

  1. Go to Billing & Account > Cancel Account.
  2. Click Please cancel and delete my account.
    Confirm cancellation
  3. Type Delete Everything to confirm the cancellation and deletion of all your data.
  4. After you cancel your account, you will be presented with a brief survey to help us improve Insightly. We would greatly appreciate your feedback. 

Removing Insightly from G Suite

If you have an Insightly for G Suite/Google Apps account, you will also need to remove Insightly from within your G Suite administration panel. This will remove the Gmail Gadget from Gmail.

  1. Access your G Suite admin console by clicking the settings gear and selecting Manage This Domain.
    Remove from Google 1
  2. Select Marketplace Apps.
    Remove from Google 2
  3. Click Insightly.
    Remove from Google 3
  4. Click the Remove App trash can icon.
    Remove from Google 4
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