How to log in to Insightly

How you log in to Insightly will depend on if you connected your account to G Suite (Google Apps for Work) when registering for Insightly.

Signing in to a standard account

Signing in with your Office 365 credentials

Signing in to an Insightly for G Suite account

Signing in to a standard Insightly account

If you are not a G Suite user or have chosen not to connect to G Suite, you will sign in from our Login page. Enter the email address and password you registered with.

Signing in with your Office 365 credentials

When your login for Insightly matches your login for Office 365, you can sign in to Insightly by clicking Sign in with Microsoft Office 365 on the Insightly login page. (This option is unavailable in Insightly Classic.)


Signing in to an Insightly for G Suite account

When registering for Insightly, G Suite users have the option of connecting Insightly to their domain. If your account is connected to G Suite, there are a couple of ways to sign in to your Insightly for G Suite account.

  • Option 1: From any G Suite screen, click the apps grid, scroll down, and click Insightly.


  • Option 2: From any of our login pages click Login with Google Apps. Do not enter an email address or password on our login page, since you'll be prompted to log in or verify through Google.
    LogInGSuite2.png LoginGSuite1.png

    On the next screen, enter your G Suite domain (e.g.,, and click LOGIN. Do not enter a "www" prefix or an @ symbol.

If you log in to multiple Gmail accounts within the same browser, the browser will pass through your current login information when you try to access Insightly. A good way to avoid login issues is to use one browser for the CRM and G Suite, and another browser for your other Gmail accounts.
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