"Insightly for G Suite" versus a non-G Suite account

Google has renamed G Suite to Google Workplace.

G Suite is a subscription-based productivity suite from Google. It used to be called Google Apps for Work and is not the same as a free Gmail account.


What does this have to do with Insightly?

While you can sign up through our pricing page and create a standard Insightly account that is not connected to G Suite, G Suite administrators can create a different account—an "Insightly for G Suite" account—through the G Suite Marketplace.

If you'd like to use Insightly for G Suite, you must register for a paid account with G Suite before signing up for Insightly.


What's the difference between these accounts?

Insightly for G Suite accounts offer some features that other Insightly accounts do not.

You can log in to Insightly directly from G Suite's app grid.

You also will have more functionality when using the Insightly Sidebar for Gmail.


How do I know which type of account I have?

You can check which type of account you have by clicking Insightly's profile menu and rolling your cursor over User Settings. A gray message box will display account information below your name.

  • "Domain" will display in Insightly for G Suite accounts - This is when you have created an Insightly account that is connected to your G Suite domain.
  • "Instance" will display in non-G Suite (or Standard) accounts - This is an Insightly account that is not connected to a G Suite domain.


Can I switch between a G Suite/non-G Suite account?

Yes. The owner of the account can convert an account to a G Suite account. The account owner must be a G Suite Super Admin. For optimal results, make sure the admin is signed into the account they use to log into Insightly. 

Once completed, all existing users will be automatically converted to G Suite users. If they do not have a G Suite account with the same email address, they cannot be converted. The account owner's email address needs to be entered accurately in order to authenticate or convert an account as it is case-sensitive.

The conversion cannot be initiated if a G Suite account already exists for the given domain name.

Additionally, if one of your users has another account that uses their G Suite email, they will not be converted and you will be unable to move forward until they delete the account.

You will receive the following error:

The G Suite domain name [Your Domain Name] is already in use by a different Insightly instance.
Please delete the instance first to continue the conversion. 


How to switch

  1. Go to Billing and Account.

  2. Click the Convert to G Suite tab.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. Click Continue. You must have a G Suite account before moving forward.

  5. Click Sign in with Google G Suite to verify the setup and complete the instance conversion.



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