November 2021

Product Updates

Insightly API v3.1 - Knowledge Articles: Added API endpoints that are able to add, update, and delete Knowledge Articles. GET and PUT for articles always use the latest version of an article. Learn more.

Insightly Service - Ticket UI tabs: Four new filter tabs have been added to Ticket records.

  1. All Notes - Shows both public notes and private internal notes in the one vertical view.
  2. Public - Shows only public notes in one vertical view.
  3. Private - Shows only private (internal) notes in one vertical view.
  4. System Events - Shows all automations, worker jobs, and other background processes that have been executed on this ticket, excluding agent or Contact-based actions.

Learn more.

Insightly Marketing - Landing Pages: Users can now save an existing Landing Page as a template. Saving a Landing Page as a template is useful when a Landing Page has been created and the layout of the page needs to be utilized again for a new Landing Page. Learn More

Custom Fields - Set Default Value for Dropdown Fields: Users can now select which value is set as the default value when they create or edit a custom dropdown field.

After entering the field values, use the 'Default Value' dropdown list and select a value. The 'First Value in List' will be the default value in this dropdown. The value cannot be empty, but users can select 'No Default Value'. Learn more

Field History - 3 New List Filters: Previously when users viewed the full-screen view of any object's Field History, the only List Filter available was 'Change Date'. Now, users can also filter by 'User', 'Application', and 'Operation'. Learn more.

Workflow Automation - New Task Improvements: There have been several improvements made to the create Task action when building a Workflow Automation:

  • Previously when users created a Task action in a Workflow Automation, they could only set the Task Responsible User as the record owner. This option was located at the bottom of the 'Assigned To' dropdown.

    Now, users can set the Task Responsible User to any user lookup field value on the object in addition to the record owner. This option is now located at the top of the 'Assigned To' dropdown. If the Responsible User value is null, Insightly will default to the record owner.

  • Users can now add additional standard and custom fields to the create Task action to capture more data.

Learn more.

Tickets - Create Task: Agents can now create Tasks from a Ticket record through the Actions menu. Learn more.

Tickets - Change Public Comments into Internal Notes: Agents can now convert a Ticket's Public Comment into an Internal Note through the three-dot menu. Learn more.

Delete User - Change Ownership and Responsible User: Several improvements have been made to the process of deleting a user:

  • All records of any object type can now be reassigned.
  • Optionally, admins can now select one user as the record owner and assign a different user to be the responsible user.

Learn more.

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