October 2019

Product Updates

  • Marketing and CRM - Prospect Timeline tab: Prospect Timeline tab has been added to Contact and Lead records.
  • Marketing API - Prospect Object: Prospects have been added to Insightly's API.
  • Marketing - Emails: Final confirmation screen added to the Email creation process.
  • Marketing Reporting - Email Click Report: This report displays all the individual clicks on any hyperlink within a specific email. 
  • Marketing Reporting - Email Open Report: This report displays all the individual opens of a specific email.
  • Marketing Reporting - Email Did Not Open Report: This report displays all the individual Prospects who were sent an Email through Insightly Marketing that received it, but did not open it.
  • Marketing Reporting - Email Bounce Report: This report details all the individual bounces from a specific email send.
  • Marketing Reporting - Email Performance Report: This report details how well an Email sent from Insightly Marketing has performed, measured with fields such as Number of Opens and Number of Clicks.
  • Marketing Reporting - Lead Conversion Report: This report measures how many Prospects were converted into Leads within a period of time. By default, the period of time is last three months.
  • Importing - Prospects: Added the ability to match Prospects by their email address.
  • Marketing - Journeys: Added two new fields to the 'Check Prospect Field' check step in Journeys - Linked Lead Name and Linked Contact Name. 
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