August 2019

New Product

Insightly Marketing  

Marketing Automation is software that allows users to optimize their marketing activities. Like the name suggests, it is used to automate the repetitive tasks in your process. It uses your prospective customer's behavior to determine the best way to nurture them further.

It's about building a meaningful connection with the people that are interested in your business while saving you valuable time.

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  • Journeys: Journeys are used for nurturing your prospective customers. Learn more.
  • Prospects: Prospects are the people you are targeting with your marketing efforts. Learn more.
  • Lists: Lists are containers for groups of Prospects. The Prospects that fill a List are generated based on conditions or criteria set by a user. Learn more.
  • Emails and Email Templates: Emails sent through Insightly Marketing are created using highly customizable templates to make sending high-quality, personalized emails simple. Learn more.
  • Hosted Files: With Hosted Files, you can upload your files to Insightly and use a generated custom URL to track who's downloading your content and automatically deploy actions you specify. Learn more.
  • Form Handlers: Form Handlers collect data from your forms, then automatically create or update records within Insightly Marketing. Learn more.
  • Folders: Folders are used to organize many of your Marketing records. Learn more.


Product Updates

  • Marketing - Monthly Emails Limit Visualization: On the Account Statistics page, users can now review their progress towards their monthly Email limit.
  • Marketing - Email Domain Management: Admins can add their email sending domains in Insightly Marketing to strengthen the authentication of outgoing Emails. Learn more.
  • Marketing - Prospect to Lead Conversions: Added the ability to convert Prospects to Leads in the Prospect's Actions dropdown.
  • Marketing - Email Unsubscribe Link: Added unsubscribe links to the Email and Email Template creation process. Learn more.


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