April 2021

Journey Check - Prospect has Visited Website: Checks if Prospect has visited a website within a set time period, which will return a true or false result. Learn more.

Custom Fields - Quote Products and Quote Line Items:  Custom fields are now available for Quote Products and Quote Line Items. Learn more.

New Workflow Action - Add To Marketing List: Added Add to Marketing List action to Workflow Automation. This action will add a Contact or a Lead to a Static Marketing List. This action will only be available if your account has both an Insightly Marketing and an Insightly CRM subscription. Learn more.

Finish Actions and Journey Steps - Email Notification Improvement: Previously, the Notify User Finish Action and the Notify User Journey Step only sent the user a notification within the Insightly app. Now, users can select App Notification + Email to also receive an email notification. Learn more.

Insightly Marketing - Added Related Tab and Audit Logging Grid:  Added a Related tab to the following Insightly Marketing objects:

  • Journeys

  • Redirect Links

  • Files

  • Form Handlers

  • Landing Pages

  • Emails

Additionally, these object’s Related tab will contain Field History Tracking (aka Audit Logging), which registers and documents any user activity on a record’s fields. Learn more.

Finish Actions and Journey Steps - Create Task Improvements:  The following improvements have been made to the Create Task Journey Step and the Create Task Finish Action:

  • Made the Assigned To dropdown field searchable so accounts with a long list of users can find the user more quickly.

  • In the Assigned To field, Lead User Lookup fields are now grouped together. The fields included are Lead Owner, Lead Responsible User, and any Custom Lead User Lookup fields.

  • In the Assigned To field, all active CRM users are now grouped together.

  • In the Assigned To Fallback field, the Skip task creation if Assigned To user is empty option will be selected by default. If this option has been selected, the Task will not be created if the Assigned To field is null on the Lead or Contact record.

  • When a Task is Assigned To a User Lookup field instead of a specific user, the Assigned To Fallback field will appear on the form. If the Assigned To field is null upon Task creation, the fallback user will be assigned to the new task. The Assigned To Fallback field will also appear if the CRM Lead or Contact Owner option has been selected.

Learn more.

Standard Object Related Grids - New Buttons:  Added new buttons on Contact and Organization Related tab grids to reduce the number of clicks needed when adding a linked record to that object. Learn more.

Contacts - Two Additional Read Only Link Fields: Added two new read only fields to Contact Page Layouts - Linked Prospect and Linked Lead. These fields can be added to custom Contact Page Layouts by editing the Page Layout. These two fields can also be added to custom List Views to filter by. Learn more.

Contact Reports - Linked Items Statistics: The Linked Items Statistics folder has been added and contains several new fields that can be added to a Contact report. These standard or custom object fields display the number of records that are linked to the Contact record.

Opportunities and Projects - Added Ability to quickly Email Linked Contacts:  Added a new button on the Related tab of Opportunity and Project records in the Contacts grid to be able to quickly email the Contacts linked to the record.

Clicking this button will bring up the New Email form with the To field populated with the Contacts linked to the Opportunity or Project. Only the first 50 records will be added to the Recipient List.

The template type will be set to Contact by default and the Email Subject field will be automatically populated as "Re: <Contact Name>. Learn more.

Dashboard Cards - Improvement to Text Fields:  Previously, when adding a text field to a table in a Dashboard Card, Insightly would perform a count on the field by default. Now, the actual value of the text field will appear by default. Learn more.

Dashboard Cards - Added Trendlines To Charts: Added the Trendlines option to Dashboard Cards, a new line series that charts average values over time in a way that is easy to understand visually. Trendlines are available for Vertical Bar Charts, Line Charts, and Area Charts. Learn more.

Workflow Automation - Update Record Values: When creating an Update Record action, users can now select today in a date or datetime field. For example, the Meeting Scheduled Date field can be updated to the current day by selecting today as the updated Field Value. Learn more.

Journeys - Prospects in Journey: When viewing a Journey record in a List View, users now can view the Prospects in Journey column in a custom List View, which displays the number of Prospects in the Journey. Learn more.

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