March 2020

New Features

  • Marketing - Hosted Files: With Hosted Files, you can upload your files to Insightly Marketing and use a generated custom URL to track who's downloading your content and automatically deploy actions you specify. Learn more. 
  • Marketing - Redirect Links: Redirect Links helps users track who is clicking links on their own site or on a third-party website. Learn more. 
  • Custom Buttons and Actions: Custom Buttons are used to quickly execute actions directly from a record. Learn more.


Product Updates

  • Form Handlers - Generate HTML Forms: Users can now generate an HTML Form from their Form Handler records. Learn more.
  • Document Templates and Merge Templates - Custom Objects: Document Templates and Merge Templates can now support Custom Objects. 
  • Reports - Bulk Editing: Records that a part of a Report can now be bulk edited. Learn more.
  • Email Templates - Exit Preview: Updated to make finding the exit to preview screen easier for users.
  • Insight Cards - Open Opportunities: The Open Opportunities Insight card will display any Opportunities that are open on the Contacts, Leads, and Organizations the Opportunity record is linked to. Multiple Opportunity cards can appear on a record, so sales reps can quickly review any open Opportunities at a glance. Learn more.
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