November 2019

New Features

  • Integrations - Zoom: Zoom’s Insightly Marketing application allows you to track Zoom activity with your Prospects. Learn more.
  • CRM Connector - Add New Prospect field: Added the ability to create a new Prospect field while in the CRM Connector. Learn More.

Product Updates

  • Marketing Email - Send One to One Emails: Added the ability to send an individual Prospect an Email. Learn More.
  • CRM Connector - Linked Organization fields: Added Linked Organization fields to the CRM Connector Sync Options.
  • Marketing Reporting - Email Performance Report: Added six new fields. Total Click Through Rate, Unique Clicks, Unique Click Through Rate, Click To Open Ratio, Total Opt-outs, and Opt-out Rate.
  • Marketing Reporting - Lead Conversion Report: New report designed to track how many Prospects were converted to Leads over a period of time.
  • Marketing Reporting - New Prospect Growth Report: New report that measures the total  number of Prospect records created each month. Use this report to compare your Prospect growth month to month.
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