What's New at Insightly November 2023

Learn what's new with Insightly by reviewing enhancements that are now available! For questions, the Additional Resources section can be utilized to learn more about getting support from Insightly. Use the links below to navigate to a specific product.

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Enhancement List

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Insightly Platform 

Add Editing restrictions to each List View

To restrict who can edit or delete a List View, we are adding an option of a checkbox to the List View modal 'Only the owner and administrators can edit this list view’. When the checkbox is checked (enabled), only the List View owner and administrators can edit or delete the List View, all other users will see edit and delete options as disabled.  Action menu items (change/group columns, sharing and editing, rename, delete) and edit existing filters will be disabled as well. 

Here is a link to our help documentation to learn more about List Views.

Add Fiscal Year options as Relative Date options

New Fiscal Year options are now added to relative date values like Last Fiscal Year, Next Fiscal Year, 2 Fiscal Years ago, Next 2 Fiscal Years. These values will be available in the List Views, Filters, Reports, Dashboard Cards, Workflow Automations etc. Fiscal year is set up in System Settings by editing company settings.

Here is a link to our help documentation to learn more about Relative Dates.

Changes to Calculated Fields

We have added a new checkbox option "Trigger any related workflow automation processes" to the create/ edit pages for calculated fields. When a user is editing a calculated field, this checkbox option will be displayed in the Calculated Field screen. The checkbox will be unchecked (disabled) by default. User needs to enable (check) this option to trigger the related workflow automation processes.

Here is a link to our help documentation to learn more about Calculated Fields.

Add record email addresses to API Get Requests

We have added “Linked Email Address” as a read only field to the API collection in GET, POST and PUT Requests for objects that support a linked email address like Opportunities, Leads and Projects.

Here is a link to our help documentation to learn more about Insightly API.

Insightly CRM

Add State and Reason Columns to Opportunity Custom List Views

When creating an opportunity custom list view, Current State and Current State Reason fields are now available as column options.

Here is a link to our help documentation for Creating list views.

When a user searches for Contacts or Leads within the Global search (top search box), search results used to only display the name but now we are also displaying the email address of the Contact or Lead in parenthesis alongside name in this format: Name (Email). If there is no email associated, only name will be displayed. Contacts are also searchable in Insightly Service.

Here is a link to our help documentation to learn more about Global Search.

Insightly Marketing

New List Management Page

A new List Management Page is added to System Settings in Insightly Marketing which allows email recipients to customize and manage marketing lists that they are subscribed to. ‘Click here’ link on the Unsubscribe page would redirect the users to the List Management page. Prospects will have an option to unsubscribe from any or all of those email marketing lists. After saving the email subscription preferences, message will be displayed “Your email subscription preferences have been saved”. This feature is applicable for lists that are static, public and not archived..

Here is a link to our help documentation to learn more about List Management Page.

Allow saving of email content Custom Rows

Marketing users can now reuse the email content blocks from an email template by copying and pasting into other emails, in order to save time. Content blocks can be reused as Custom Rows that can be saved such as custom headers, custom footers and other email content components. This feature is available for all Marketing Plans and is applicable to Emails only, not Landing Pages. Refer this video for more details on content marketing blocks.

Here is a link to our help documentation to learn more about Customizing Email Templates using designer tool

Add Sender Merge Tags into Insightly Marketing Emails 

When a user composes an email in Insightly Marketing, they have the ability to add in merge tags for the Recipient (Prospect) but now we are enhancing it by providing the ability to add in merge tags for the Sender (Contact) as well.

New Sender field values like First and Last Name, Phone, Email etc. would be populated by the contact record of the From User specified when sending the email. If we have to use the From Fallback email address when sending, then all these Sender From field values will be blank except First Name and Email Address.

Here is a link to our help documentation to learn more about Emails Overview.

Deletion not allowed for Paused Journey 

'Delete This Journey' action menu button will be disabled for Paused Journeys in both List View and Details page action menu dropdown so that the users are not able to delete a Paused Journey. The disabled delete action menu would display a tooltip message of 'Unable to delete a paused journey'. Only a Draft or Completed Journey can be deleted and the deleted journey will be available in Recycle Bin. 

Here is a link to our help documentation to learn more about Journeys Overview.

Insightly Service

Ticket Audit Log available to all Users

Audit Log tab within a Service Ticket will be available and visible to admin as well as non admin Service users.

Here is a link to our help documentation to learn more about Audit Log.

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