What's New at Insightly May 2023

Learn what's new with Insightly by reviewing enhancements that are now available! For questions, the Additional Resources section can be utilized to learn more about getting support from Insightly. Use the links below to navigate to a specific product.

Insightly Platform 
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Enhancement List

Use these links to navigate to specific enhancements.

Insightly Platform 

WhatPhone Support
WhereProfile Icon > Phone Support

All Insightly users on paid plans can now access our phone support by navigating to the upper right profile icon and selecting Phone Support.

Here is a link to our help documentation for contacting Insightly support.

Apply List Filters to Sort Through Activity Tab Grid Records

WhatList Filters
WhereRecord > Activity Tab 

Users can now apply List Filters to sort through the records that appear in the related activities grids. When the user hovers over the title of a grid list, the text will change from black to blue with an underline to designate that it is a hyperlink. Clicking on the hyperlinked title will redirect the user to a full screen page where the filters can be applied.

Here is a link to our help documentation for the Activity tab.

Updates to the User Deletion Process

WhatDeleting Users
WhereContacts, Dashboards, Reports

When a user is deleted, the following will now occur:

  • The contact record associated with the deleted user will display a warning:
    • Note: This contact record is for a deleted Insightly user so permissions and actions are limited.
  • Deleted users will no longer appear in filters.
  • Deleted users will still appear in:
    • Lists
    • Reports
    • Dashboards
    • Details tabs
    • Related tabs
  • Deleted users will have (Deleted) following their name.
  • The deleted user will appear in the Deleted Users list found in System Settings > User List.

Here is a link to our help documentation for deleting users.

WhatRecord Icons
WhereRecord > Related Tab

All icons within the Related tab will now act as hyperlinks. Users will be able to open records in a new browser tab by clicking the icon while pressing CTRL.

Here is a link to our help documentation for using the Related tab.

Insightly CRM

Email Tracking No Longer Available for Trial Accounts

WhatEmail Tracking
WhereSystem Settings > Email Tracking

Administrators on trial accounts will no longer have the ability to enable email tracking.

Here is a link to our help documentation for enabling email tracking.

Insightly Service

First Reply Time Now Available as a Ticket Report Field and Filter

WhatFirst Reply Time Field
WhereTicket Reports

The First Reply Time field can now be used as a field when building a ticket report. This field can also be used as a filter in a ticket report.

Here is a link to our help documentation for ticket reports.

Insightly AppConnect

Queues in AppConnect Recipes Object Owner Field Update

WhatOwner Fields

When running a recipe that uses queues, an action to add or update a record’s object Owner field value can now set the record owner to the queue or to a user. This is applicable to all objects that can use queues:

  • Tickets
  • Knowledge Articles
  • Tasks
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Projects
  • Custom Objects

Here is a link to our help documentation for building AppConnect recipes.

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