December 2021

Product Updates

Insightly CRM, Marketing, Service - Filter by all Visible Fields in the Related Tab Grid Full-Screen View: All filterable standard and custom fields that have been added to a record grid in a record’s Related tab will now appear as filter options in the full-screen view. Learn more.

Insightly CRM - Change in Opportunity Insight Cards: The criteria for Opportunity Insight Cards will now include all opportunities. Previously, only Opportunities that had an Open status would be included. The logged-in user will need permission to view the Opportunity record for the Insight Card to appear on a Contact, Lead, or Organization record. Learn more.

Insightly Service - Add Email Signature: Agents can now add an Email Signature through User Settings. The signature will appear at the bottom of their Ticket comments. Learn more.

Insightly Service - Ticket Comment Auto-Save Draft: When an agent writes a comment or note, Insightly will save every 5 seconds in order to prevent progress from being lost if the agent navigates away or if they edit the Ticket before completing their comment. Insightly will not save white space or empty characters as a draft. Learn more.

Insightly Marketing - Identifying and Flagging Bot Clicks in Email Activity: False clicks and/or opens performed by a bot (non-human interaction) can result in users reviewing inaccurate statistics and reporting for emails. Insightly automatically identifies and excludes bot clicks from all email activity and statistics, prospect scoring, and journeys. This intervention and exclusion of bot clicks is performed without any intervention required of an Insightly Marketing user.

Saved Reports - Collapsible Filters: Users can now expand and contract filters and parameters on saved Reports to minimize the amount of space taken up by the filters section of a Report.

Insightly Service - Add Emojis to Tickets: Users can now add emojis in their Ticket responses by clicking the smiley face icon.

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