January 2021

Product Updates

  • Email designer - HTML Editor: Added an HTML Editor to the Email designer. If you want more control over an Email’s body than our Email creator offers, you can design your own by choosing the Raw HTML template when creating an Email.

    This is helpful if you’ve already built your own email template using HTML and you don’t want to spend time recreating it in our Email builder. This can also make it easier to transfer existing HTML you've created in other email programs, like MailChimp. Learn more.

  • Email templates - Display Conditions: Added support for Display Conditions, which allows users to configure which rows of an Email will be displayed to an Email recipient.

    Before an Email is sent out, Insightly will examine the Email, identify any conditional criteria embedded within the Email’s rows and sections, and process those against the Email recipient’s Prospect record. Learn more.

  • Finish Actions and Journey Actions - Merge Tags for Create CRM Task: Added Merge Tags to the Create CRM Task Action. You can use Merge tags to automatically add data to the Task Name and Description fields. Learn more.

  • Dashboard Cards - Clone All Cards in Dashboard: Added the ability to create cloned versions of all Dashboard Cards within a Dashboard. If checked, Insightly will clone every card within the Dashboard, then create a new Dashboard with all the cloned Dashboard Cards within it. Learn more.

  • Dashboard Cards - New Legend Visibility and Position Properties: Added new set of configuration options for the Dashboard Card legends. Users can now turn off the legend and set the position of the legend. Learn more.

  • Finish Actions - Cloning: When you clone an Insightly Marketing record that utilizes Finish Actions, such as Emails or Forms, the associated Finish Actions will now be cloned as well and those new Finish Actions will appear on the newly cloned record. Learn more.
  • New Opportunity Form - Populate Primary Linked Organization: When creating a new Opportunity record from an existing Contact, the Primary Linked Organization related to the Contact will now automatically populate the Organization field of the Opportunity record you are creating. Learn more.

  • Search - Clickable Column Headers in Full Search Results: When using the global search within Insightly, the search results can now be reordered by clicking a on column header.
    Additionally, when reviewing search results by object type, the results can also be reordered by clicking on a column header. Learn more.

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