March 2022

Product Updates

Insightly Platform

Object Custom Fields - Help Text Added to Read Only Checkbox: A question mark help icon has been added next to the read-only checkbox in the custom field creation screen. It reads: Fields set as read-only at this field definition level can be updated via the API, but are read-only in the user interface.

User Login History Report available from the User List in System Settings: Once a user’s record is opened via the User List in System Settings, View User Login History Report in the Additional Information section of the record can be clicked. This will open the User Login History report in a new browser tab and will display the login history for the selected user. Learn more

Insightly CRM

Configurable Email List Views: Users now have the ability to create and configure List Views for Emails in CRM. Users can share these List Views with other users and customize which columns appear within List Views. Clicking the headers of List View fields will reorder the records. Learn more.

Contact Title Field Added to Contacts and Organization Linked Item Reports: The Contact Title field has been added to the Contact Linked Items Report and Organization Linked Items Report.

Product Count added to Price Book List View: A new read-only column is now included in the price book list view to display product count; this new column displays a numerical value of the total count of products associated with the price book. When filtering within a price book, a Product Count can be selected as a filter. 

Emailed Quote Appears in the Linked Opportunities Activity Log: When emailing a quote, the resulting email will display as a past activity in the Activity tab of the Opportunity that is linked to the quote.

Insightly Marketing

Tracked Custom Events: Tracked custom events allow users to create a custom event (in addition to the default tracked events in Insightly Marketing) and when this custom event is triggered by Prospect action, the custom event is recorded by Insightly and displayed in the Prospect timeline, Prospect scoring models, Journeys, Dynamic list rules criteria, and reporting. Learn more.

Insightly Service

@Mention Agents within a Ticket Comment: Agents can now use @ mentions to bring another agent’s attention to comment or note. Type the @ symbol and the first few letters of the agent's name, then select an agent from the dropdown list. All agents that have been @ mentioned will be added to the CC list of that ticket. Learn more.

Added New Ticket Reports: Several ticket reports have been added: Average Ticket Time to Close, Open Tickets by Priority, Open Tickets by Status, Monthly Ticket Volume by Channel, and Monthly Tickets Closed by Agent. Learn more.

Added New Dashboard Cards: Several dashboard cards have been added: Tickets created by the hour, Tickets created by weekday, Tickets created by month, Tickets solved by time bracket, and first reply by time bracket. Learn more.

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