February 2021

New Features

Insightly Marketing - Prospect Scoring: Insightly Marketing gives users the ability to track Prospect engagement with their brand by assigning points to every action a Prospect might take and tracking overall engagement as a Prospect Score.

Prospect Scoring helps businesses to identify a Prospect's interest based on their interactions with their marketing assets. The higher the Score, the more likely a Prospect is to move forward in the sales process. Learn more.


Product Updates

Reports - Field History Detail Report: The Field History Detail Report can be used to review any time a field has been changed within a specific record. The report displays the field’s new and old values, with one row dedicated to each individual field that has been changed. Learn more.

Form Handlers - Events and video tracking:
In addition to page views and link clicks, users can now visit a Prospect’s Timeline tab to review which embedded YouTube videos they have interacted with. This can help determine if they are ready to be passed on to sales. Learn more.

Journey Check - Is Corporate Email Address:
Checks if the Prospect's email address is a corporate email address or was created with a public email provider, such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo. Learn more.

Related Tab - Hide Related grid lists:
Admins can now configure Page Layouts to hide any custom Related grid lists that have no records to display. Learn more.

Form Handlers - Email Address Validation:
Field-level validation ensures that the values entered in your form by Prospects is in accordance with the requirements you configure. Users can now require that an email address has a valid mail server and that an email address is a business email address. Learn more.

Reports - Task Linked Item Report:
Users can now run a Task Linked Item Report to see the items that were linked to a Task. The report is grouped by the record name, with all the linked items listed below that. Learn more.

Lists - Prospects Preview table:
If a user starts creating, editing or deleting a List’s Rules, the Prospects Preview table will replace the list of Prospects while the results are being saved. If a user starts editing rules in an existing, fully calculated List or starts adding a new filter, the Prospects table will immediately disappear and will be replaced with the Prospects Preview table. Learn more.

Advanced List Segmentation - User Interface improvements:
Users can now segment Prospect Lists with new criteria based on Prospect activity in addition to the existing filter criteria. Filter and segment Prospects based upon any combination of activities to generate more targeted Lists. Learn more.

List Views - Search text box:
Users can now search for specific records in any standard or custom List Views across CRM and Marketing. Insightly will search most text fields, not just the record name. This allows you to quickly find the exact record you're looking for within a List. Learn more.

Related Lists - Full Page Grids:
When reviewing the Related tab of a record, users can now click the title of a related records list and be directed to a new page with 50 rows of records per page. The records can be sorted by clicking on the record headers. Learn more.

Records - Text fields and multi-line text fields:
Any web address links added to a text or multi-line text field will now be hyperlinked. Learn more.

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